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Friends of Tafo, PO Box 43826 London NW6 1XG

Friends of Tafo is a UK registered charity that aims to empower as well as help the people of Kwahu-Tafo, an impoverished rural town in Ghana, via responsible giving that generates a capacity for self-development in education, job-creation, and quality of life and infrastructure.


We work in close partnership with the community of Kwahu-Tafo to ensure that the projects chosen and the resources allocated reflect local needs and priorities. To do this, Friends of Tafo collaborates with its sister organisation, the Kwahu-Tafo Progress Council which initiates, budgets, prioritises and manages projects within the town. For more information on what is happening in Kwahu Tafo please click on this link Wake up to Kwahu.


Friends of Tafo was founded in 2001 by the friends and family of TV Producer Humphrey Barclay after his installation as Nkosuohene (Development Chief) in the ancestral home town of his friend the late Ghanaian actor Gyearbuor Asante (biography and book), who played the African eternal student 'Matthew' in the Channel 4 TV sitcom Desmond's. Humphrey spends three periods of up to two months each in Tafo every year, working with the Progress Council and documenting progress. 


FOT is run by a board of Trustees and a working Committee. We do not have a membership, but keep a mailing list of everyone who has expressed interest, and we gladly welcome ideas, participation and all kinds of support.


We set aside 10% of all funds we receive for administrative costs in UK and Ghana (where Humphrey provides his own house and car). No Trustee or Committee Member receives any remuneration.


What's happening...

  To learn more about Kwahu Tafo click here...

  Wake up to Kwahu


2013 Queen's Birthday Honours List

Humphrey has been awarded a British Empire Medal in the Diplomatic service and overseas list for services to Kwahu-Tafo!


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2014 - more details later
Go Ghana! Cycle Challenge 2


Memories and Reflections of an Anthropologist
Sjaak van der Geest

Click above to read an account from a great supporter of Kwahu-Tafo, Dutch Anthropologist Sjaak van der Geest,
 about his long association with Kwahu-Tafo.


Books connected with

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Here is BBC Radio 4's recent programme "It's my story - White Chief Humphrey". BBC Radio 4 have been following Humphrey to raise the awareness of his work in Ghana and the amazing work done by Friends of Tafo in Kwahu-Tafo.

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 Who we are - Friends of Tafo Committee
Chair: Humphrey Barclay, Development Chief (Nkosuohene) of Kwahu-Tafo
Secretary: Georgina Owen; Treasurer: Benjamin Ntim;
Trustees: Crispin Leyser, Jules Leyser, Robert Taylor;
Committee Members: Colena Abbosh, Peggy-Rose Cradduck, Dr Tristram Wyatt, Michael Mensah

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