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The development of the town is run by the Kwahu-Tafo Progress Council, a body representing all sections of the community. It is avowedly a-political, and offers the opportunity for cross-party collaboration and the involvement of all energetic elements in the town, regardless of faction. The Progress Council evolved in mid 2010 out of the previous Development Council and this change provides new energy for the future of the town and has been warmly welcomed by the community, not least because of the opportunities it extends to a wider group of younger Project Directors for all the responsibilities and the work that lies ahead.

The Council is run entirely by voluntary and unpaid effort and is a voting body of representatives from each of some 28 identified groups in the town.  These groups range from the Council of Churches through Market Women and the Concerned Muslims Association to the Volunteer Fire Brigade.

These Representatives meet monthly in the Community Library and are assisted by an Executive which meets on the following day, comprising Chair (Nana Nkosuohene, Development Chief), Vice Chair (Mr J. Barimah-Nkansah, Librarian), Treasurer (Felix Okyere Boakye, Accountant), Secretary and Tafo Treasurer (Benjamin Dei Boadu, Teacher and Desktop Publisher), Public Relations Officer (Awuku Patrick Gudmonson, Graphic Designer), Assistant Secretary (Frederick Asiamah, Civil Servant), and Organising Secretary (Alex Odei Adu, Film Maker). 


The Progress Council identifies projects and then prioritises, budgets and fundraises for them. Finance is first sought from the District Assembly, PTAs, School Management Committees, tradesmen and townspeople, and then from FOT. Funds from FOT are requested in a written Funding Proposal, and when agreed are transferred to the Progress Council's bank in Accra in segregated accounts, which means that money raised for one purpose may not be used for another.  Each transfer of funds is accompanied by a request for a report back to FOT within six months.


The planning and execution of every project is subject to a published Procedure; all Progress Council undertakings are designated as Projects; and each one has a Project Director responsible to the Director of Projects, who is in turn responsible to the Representatives via the Executive.  The Director of Projects is Mr Stephen Awuah, a computer engineer.


To formulate the focus of their aims, a seminar was held in the Ghanaian capital Accra in November 2006 to identify the vision of the community over the next five years. The Executive of Progress Council is charged with bringing this Five Year Plan to fruition, and is supported in the task by Friends of Tafo. Progress is reviewed by the community every twelve months.


Georgina Owen
facilitates Kwahu Tafo
Development Council's
first Five Year Plan Seminar

Kwahu Tafo
Progress Council
runs its own
Five Year Plan
and Review Seminar